I view life as a screenplay. Each person is the main character in his or her own script with its unique plot line and an array of characters engaged in dynamic interaction. This script is the product of one’s innate propensities, significant relationships, cultural background, and larger social context. It represents one’s tendency in organizing new experiences, an implicit set of emotionally-based attributions about self and other that functions as a navigational device in one’s life journey. People come to therapy, I believe, because they need help revising that script. 

Emergent Pathways Psychotherapy’s mission is to provide comprehensive, personalized psychotherapy services to a diverse range of individuals, families,  couples, and groups. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist working in private practice, I provide psychotherapy (individual is 50min; groups tend to be 90min sessions), psychological assessment, and consultation services in addition to speaking engagements related to LGBTQI+ mental health. I offer a human experience informed by years of clinical training and experience. I consider myself an eclectic generalist as a practitioner, and am especially committed to helping my clients with: 

  • Anxiety & stress
  • Depression
  • Family of origin issues
  • Trauma, abuse, & PTSD 
  • Romantic relationship issues
  • Codependency
  • Personal authenticity
  • Grief
  • Transgender-related issues, including assessing “readiness” for hormone blockers, hormones, and surgeries & referrals to medical doctors

While I am a generalist practitioner,  I have specific areas of interest and expertise. I have a passion for working with LGBTQI+ populations in particular. I have a nuanced understanding of the very specific issues facing the LGBTQI+ community including, but not limited to: sexual orientation/coming out, gender identity/transgender coming out, gender transition, HIV+/AIDS issues, discrimination, minority stress, non-“traditional” relationships, and family/interpersonal conflicts. 

My theoretical orientation rests on the premise that, in the words of Irving Yalom, it is the “relationship that heals.” My aim is to cultivate a positive therapeutic experience in which the client can feel genuine, congruent, and authentic. I rest the basis of my work, pulling from cognitive, psychodynamic, and existential approaches, on this relationship. Ultimately, I employ the most appropriate techniques given the client’s presenting problem, life circumstances, and culture.